5 Important Lessons Learned This Weekend

Being a military wife also means that, from time to time, I must tackle chores solo. Duty calls and takes Jason away; it’s just a part of how our lives run. Unfortunately, I’ll be soloing it for a while, so procrastinating on the chores (especially yard work) won’t really work. Stuff has to get done before winter.

On the agenda this past weekend was taming our unruly butterfly bushes … that had turned into tree height this summer. They had grown from being a focal point of our backyard to … well, mammoth bushes that weren’t so pretty.

So … picture if you will, me, a hotter-than-expected sunny afternoon, extra-tall butterfly bushes, 15 yard tools (just in case), a spool of twine, and two four-legged “helpers” who love to chew branches.

Quite comical – and I certainly took away 5 important lessons from the weekend’s circus (er … chore list).  Continue reading


Fascination with poo

Have you ever noticed just how fascinated young kids can get with poo?

Every few days I go around my yard on a mission with the little metal pooper-scooper (a Christmas present from the fish ~ did I mention that Jason has a wicked sense of humor?), and if one of the neighbor kids is outside, he/she will help me locate the “treasure.” Once they find a pile, they will jump up and down, raise their hand as if they were in class and exclaim, “Miss Tess! Miss Tess! I found some poop over here, Miss Tess!”

And these kids, ages 7, 6, 5 and nearly 4 aren’t alone. In my life, I’ve witnessed plenty of other kids who have been engrossed with finding poo-piles (Meanwhile, I call my poop-scoop duties a treasure hunt where I don’t want to find any treasure!).

The afternoon ritual for the past few years in our family is for me to take the “girls” outside about 10-15 minutes before Jason gets home. During that time, I play ball with them and they, of course, usually do their business. If the kids are outside during this event, they will announce, “Miss Tess! She’s pooping!”

And admittedly, even though I can predict this announcement, it still cracks me up every single time.DSC_3409

And what made me think about this young kids’ fascination with poo? I came across this photo of me and my niece, Chloe. It was taken this spring on a nature walk we took near Lake Massabesic, New Hampshire during a “Cousins Weekend.” Jason and I had the “girls” with us, and early in the expedition, both “girls” took care of business. Being the suburban dog owner that I am (and the fact that we were paralleling a N.H. Audubon Center trail) I took out my handy-dandy blue poop bags and cleaned up their mess. This amazed Chloe, and being the big girl she is, she wanted to help (and I am a very proud Auntie!).

What tales do you have about poo and kids? Please share!