5 Important Lessons Learned This Weekend

Being a military wife also means that, from time to time, I must tackle chores solo. Duty calls and takes Jason away; it’s just a part of how our lives run. Unfortunately, I’ll be soloing it for a while, so procrastinating on the chores (especially yard work) won’t really work. Stuff has to get done before winter.

On the agenda this past weekend was taming our unruly butterfly bushes … that had turned into tree height this summer. They had grown from being a focal point of our backyard to … well, mammoth bushes that weren’t so pretty.

So … picture if you will, me, a hotter-than-expected sunny afternoon, extra-tall butterfly bushes, 15 yard tools (just in case), a spool of twine, and two four-legged “helpers” who love to chew branches.

Quite comical – and I certainly took away 5 important lessons from the weekend’s circus (er … chore list).  Continue reading