About Me

JasTess at ChangsI’m an established copywriter who, upon entering college, vowed never to touch the written word after my English requirements were fulfilled (a total of two classes – 6 credits). But that all changed one spring day in my second semester when my philosophy professor pulled me into his office to discuss my paper that I’d bullshitted my way through – and he knew it. He told me flat-out that I should get an F because I was “way off” in my philosophical conclusion (not sure how that happens … it’s philosophy, after all), but he explained that it was so well written that he was giving me a B (for bullshit?). He then recommended that I change my major from Pre-Law to English because I had a “gift.”

Although I didn’t think too much about his assessment of my “gift,” I did take his advice seriously (that, along with my uncle advising me that this country has too many lawyers – and he is one of them) and change my major to English Literature. I wasn’t too keen on the amount of reading I was supposed to do, but my love for writing exploded.

That’s when I knew I wanted to be a writer.

It took 13 years to figure out how to make it work – and still make the monthly mortgage payment – but it is safe to say that I love, love, love being a copywriter who specializes in the home building industry, and I proudly wear my “housing issues junkie” badge! Talk to me about erosion and sedimentation control, building codes or highway occupation permit issues and I am salivating (well, maybe I am exaggerating a little).

I am happily married to the love of my life and best friend, Jason, and together we have the “girls” – our dogs, Aura and Elle. Jason is a career military man and an ice hockey referee; together, we embrace our careers recognizing there are both perks and sacrifices associated with each.

I tend to be overly trusting, too chatty (at times) and a wee-bit neurotic, but overall, I strive to be an upbeat person, grabbing onto “The Clutch Life.”