Peaceful Vacation

Jason and I, with our “girls” in tow, spend last week at the Outer Banks of North Carolina; specifically, we stayed on the north-side of a town called Duck.

We chose the Outer Banks (OBX) because it was close (a 7 hour drive, according to Mapquest), we both enjoy being near water, and neither one of us had been there before. It would be a new adventure!

In true Wittler fashion, neither one of us did a lot of preparation for our trip before taking off (other than print out those Mapquest directions and pack the map – didn’t even bring along the GPS unit, which I believe is a sin in today’s technology age!).

To be completely truthful, our lives have been more than hectic and stressful lately, and we just ran out of time. Other than requesting a travel guide from the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau and reserving a vacation home, we hadn’t done a whole heck of a lot in researching our destination, so we didn’t know what to expect from the area. We had been told by a few friends that there “isn’t much to do there” so I was a little concerned that we’d get there only to realize that we’d made a grave mistake. That the first “us only” vacation we’ve had in years was a complete flop because we didn’t take the time to do more research and pick the right location.

But I had absolutely nothing to worry about, because the vacation turned out to be exactly what we needed.

Once we got unpacked and did a food run to Harris Teeter (love that store!) – we managed quite nicely with absolutely no agenda for the week. We got up when we wanted, drank our morning coffee on our choice of three decks (or four, if you count the screened-in porch), took leisurely strolls on the beach with the “girls” and totally forgot about the world for a week.



I will blog more about our trip in the coming days, but for now, here are some of photos from the home to share with you.


Our vacation home was nothing spectacular (and we saw impressive homes – some of which were even bank owned – ha!), but our home away from home was comfortable for us. The kitchen was much nicer than the one in our house. This one actually had a several silverware drawers. (Our home was built with two narrow (pathetic) drawers in our kitchen, and neither is wide enough to hold a silverware tray. Seriously. What was the builder thinking when he came up with that ingenious design?).


Although the cottage was small (only 1200 sq. ft), the floor plan was open, so it felt much more spacious than it actually was. Plus, with only Jason, me and the two “girls”, we had plenty of space to lounge around. The table below was Jason’s World of Warcraft command headquarters and our puzzle station (we completed three 1,000 piece puzzles in six days; I know! True vacation excitement!)



The vegetation at the Outer Banks was interesting, and not what I was expecting. For starters, only the really nice homes (that weren’t bank owned) had grass growing in their yards. Most of the residential homes had sandy front yards with an attempt at beautification with landscaping, which usually consisted of a rock garden or red mulch around a tree. However, the vacation homes were easily distinguishable from the 12-month residential homes (by more than a just a mailbox, too).

Our vacation home’s yard was … umm … dreadful. It consisted of sand, brush, thorny-bushes, and a plant that looked quite like cannabis (I am positive it was ditch weed, folks!). In short, it was anything but attractive, and even our “girls” didn’t want to to their “business” there!

Interestingly enough, I wasn’t expecting to see a yard with cactuses next to blackberry bushes in North Carolina (and yes, those thorns HURT – even through the ‘tough plastic’ of poo-bags!)



This unknown plant (below) was in bloom everywhere. Can anyone tell me what it is?



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