Telling Too Much?

I read this blog post yesterday by Household 6 Diva, Blogging OPSEC and PERSEC is for Everyone, and it really got me thinking: Do I share too much of my personal information online?

As a military wife, I keep all of my husband’s military missions and maneuvers “tight.” I don’t share what he does or where he travels on Facebook, Twitter or in my blog. But, I do share our real names – first and last – and I am beginning to wonder: is this smart of me to do?

Here’s the thing: I am a freelance copywriter, and because of the business I am in, I am already in the “public eye.” Over the course of my career, I’ve been quoted in various newspapers and my work has been published in several media outlets. I understand that my business success will be, in part, built on being visible – so publishing, posting, tweeting and participating online is a key element of growing my visibility. So I use my real name.

And as a side note, my ultimate goal is to live the life of a best-selling author (one that is recognized by the masses but isn’t followed by the paparazzi; do you think that’s possible? Heck ya! The paparazzi don’t care about book authors! LOL).

While researching a writing project on the topic of social media marketing, I asked an industry expert this question: “What do you say to people who are fearful of putting themselves ‘out there’ for all to see?”

His response was “Get over it.”

He followed up his cut-throat response by saying that in the world of social media, if you want to be effective, you must be transparent. This means you must give a little more of yourself and be accessible; no ghost-blogging allowed. It must allow your own personality and opinions to shine through.

I believe in being authentic. This is my philosophy with friendships, family and business. Sure, I am selective in what I blog about, but my readers will see the real me – not anything fake.

But after reading Household 6 Diva’s blog, I am left questioning whether or not am I compromising my family’s safety by using my real name (BTW, both Jason and I can be found under directory assistance, although our last name is misspelled with some telephone companies)? Should I be using my first name only? Should this blog be separated entirely from my business life and blog? Please weigh in … let me know what you think!


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