The Good, The Bad and The Undies

My weekend highlights:

The Good: This weekend, by far, is my favorite weekend for hockey – the NCAA Men’s Hockey Regional action – the “Sweet 16” of college hockey. Jason and I usually head to New England to catch the Northeast Regional match-ups live (it rotates between Manchester, New Hampshire and Worchester, Massachusetts), but due to Jason’s military schedule, we were unable to get away this year.

Not to fret, though, because we had access to all 12 games thanks to ESPNU and Talk about heaven, I was in it! Jason hooked up my laptop to our 50” HDTV so I could watch the non-televised games on the big screen. Although our favorites – University of New Hampshire and University of Alaska-Fairbanks – did not make it to the NCAA Frozen Four (the mega-games of college hockey), I still was able to enjoy a full weekend schedule of hockey. Now as long as BC doesn’t win the national title … any other team but BC!

The Bad: Military-interuptis strikes again. To be completely honest, with the amount of missions that Jason is currently overseeing right now, the number of military-related phone calls that he gets during non-working hours have become a part of our life, and as a military wife, I’ve become almost immune to them. Don’t get me wrong; I am frustrated with how much our time is invaded with these calls. But I understand that this is the life we’ve chosen. how-to-train-your-dragon

So it was no surprise that as we are heading out the door yesterday morning to  go see the movie, How to Train Your Dragon, that Jason received another “oh shit” call. The details of the call aren’t important (they would make you roll your eyes and get frustrated, too). But the bottom line is that Jason had to head out to post and take care of the issue in person – and as a result, we didn’t get to go to the movie.

However living “The Clutch Life” means me being able to roll with the punches. Because the issue wouldn’t take long (just long enough to mess up our plans), I went along with Jason and spent that time with him anyway. Sure it wasn’t ideal, but we tried to make the best of the situation.

The Undies: This is the part of this blog post that you’ve been waiting for, right? Okay. So how many of you have been in the predicament where you realize that you simply wore the wrong underwear for what you are doing? (Keep it clean, guys … pun totally intended!)

I was running along on the treadmill last night – getting my jog on – and slowly my undies start slipping down, going lower and lower. So I reach back and hike them up. Slip, slip, slip they go again … and I hike them up again … and again … and this is how it goes for 25 minutes! Ya, definitely need to make a few adjustments to my running attire …


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