Our Youngest Turns 6

February 22 is a special day in our house. Not only is it my husband’s birthday, but it is also our pup’s birthday, too. Elle turns 6 today!

The Stats

Date of Birth: February 22, 2004

Date of Adoption: March 31, 2004 (She was only 6 weeks old. The breeder lied by telling us she was nearly 8 weeks old. We didn’t learn her real birth date until we got her AKC paperwork back.)

AKC Name: Elektra II (Yes, she was purposefully named after the Marvel comic character; Pre-us, Jason’s named all of his dogs after Marvel characters, and we decided to continue that together.)

Nickname: Elle (pronounced Ellie)

Other Names She Goes By: Pumpkin, Elle-Pup, Cuddle-Bug, Sweetheart, Princess

Ailments Suffered: OCD, ADD (She’s a very anxious/stressed out dog when things aren’t “just right” in her world. For example, she often won’t eat for 36-48 hours when either Jason or I aren’t home together.)

Other Interesting Facts: Little did we know that when we adopted Elle that she was the same blood line as our older dog, Aura. As it turns out, Aura is Elle’s aunt because Elle’s mom is Aura’s sister from the same litter.

To celebrate Elle’s birthday, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite pictures of her – most of which come from her first few years. Enjoy!

Elle April 1.07

Jason had a moment of weakness; he told me that he thought we should get another pup. I didn’t waste any time and 24 hours later we’d picked out this soft, cuddly, fuzz-ball who loved the scent of pheasant on the rag Jason brought with him. This is what she looked like the night we brought her home: March 31, 2004.

Elle First Bath.03

Elle’s first day with us and she gets a bath in the kitchen sink to rid her of the barn stink she had ground into her coat. She’s obviously fascinated by the running water.

The Girls 003

Jason got Aura and Elle to pose (with matching tongues and all) for this cherished Mother’s Day photo. May 2004

Ellie with Grandma Carol Chew.01

Thanks to Aura’s help and Elle’s pleasing personality, she was completely house-broken in less than two weeks; however, she still loved to chew. Jason’s mom sent “the girls” special moccasin chews from Hawaii.  June 2004


Jason started training Elle at a young age to retrieve pheasant. Here she is practicing in a field near state game land; she’s only four months old. This happened to be the same night that she found a box turtle and brought that to Jason, too. June 2004

The Girls 024

All the bird-hunting training over the summer paid off. Elle, at only eight months old, got Jason his first Pennsylvania pheasant. October 2004

The Girls 034

It’s a jail-break for Elle’s first Halloween! (We say we dress up the dogs to entertain the kids … ya, that’s our story and we’re stickin’ to it!) October 2004

050.SD, Crazy Horse Memorial.05

Our first road trip with “the girls” was across the U.S. to visit Jason’s family in Washington state. As we made our way across the U.S. we stopped at a few great places – one of which was the Crazy Horse monument in South Dakota. This was when we learned that Elle wasn’t too crazy about snow. She would walk along and try to shake it off her paws as she went, and this is how she got the nickname Princess. November 2004

089.Whidbey Island.Beach.19

If you are wondering what’s in Elle’s mouth, it is kelp. Once we got to Washington state, we spent a few days at Bush Point on Whidbey Island. Jason would throw stick into the water and the girls would retrieve them. Elle decided to bring back the biggest “stick” she found floating; She’s adorable but not the brightest dog! Thanksgiving Day 2004

0115.Elle Kowabunga Dude

Elle loved jumping off the dock at the little crooked house we rented at Tripp Lake, Maine. July 2005


This picture captures Elle’s unique coloring, which many people comment on. As Jason explains: She’s half yellow and half chocolate lab. She’s got the beautiful brown nose that is atypical of yellow labs. September 2005


Elle playing with the water coming from the garden hose (okay, maybe Jason’s chasing her with the water). May 2009


Just chillin’ outside in the back yard. July 2009


An appropriate “Birthday Princess” headband for our favorite princess, Elle. February 2010


2 thoughts on “Our Youngest Turns 6

  1. Happy Birthday, Elle, you beautiful Princess! She really is pretty. We have a chocolate lab (not quite three and still creating havoc in our lives), and I can honestly say the only reason I picked him was because of his unique light green eyes. In hindsight, I realize I should have been a little more concerned that he was the “leftover” from his litter, but hey, did I mention he has pretty eyes? 🙂 But Elle sure seems to be pretty inside and out.

    • Hi Deb! Labs can sure be knuckle-heads; Elle truly is our princess, but our older lab, Aura, is the stubborn one … and I am sure there will be stories about her bullheadedness shared at some point (I have enough of ’em)! 🙂

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