Why The Clutch Life

It is no surprise to those who know me that I sometimes make up words, use words in a way that doesn’t quite fit (yet I believe should), or even mispronounce words all together.  For example, I pronounce the word “garage” the way my maternal grandmother from New Hampshire would say it … with an extra R. So instead of “garage”, it is “garaRge”.

This practice of using words incorrectly is exactly how “The Clutch Life” came to be.  One evening during my college years, I was on the phone with my BFF, Dawn. She said something, and I responded, “That’s so clutch!”

She paused and asked, “Clutch?”

“Yes, clutch!” I replied.

She still seemed confused by my use of the word, so I explained further. “You know … clutch. Like wicked cool, fantastic … ballsy!”

All of a sudden, she got it. She got the meaning of this new adjective entering our lives. “You’re right. It is clutch!” she exclaimed.

Hence, clutch, as an adjective, was born.

And although I don’t hear others regularly using this amazingly cool adjective, I strive every day for The Clutch Life by grabbing life’s happiness and not letting go!


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